Our cattery and where you can find us

The purchase of the unique cinnamon ocicat male James caused an enduring fascination with the Ocicat breed. We were given the opportunity to start a breeding program with James and his lilac (lavender) girlfriend Robin. We took the first steps in 1999 and that's when Cattery Oci van Diem was set up.

Of course a lot has changed in these past years. We were sad to say farewell to some cats and a small army of little ocicat critters. Our much loved James and his girlfriend Robin unfortunately passed away. Others retired and are now leading a newfound life of luxury with their new owners.

Sometimes senior females will stay with us. They help the moms raising  the kittens. The older cats teach the young ones  nauthy things they learned  through years of experience 

Our current breeding females are Meulicats Dawn of Oci van Diem, Siena Oci van Diem and Calumet Cats Romee Oci van Diem. The partner of my breeding girls is Calumet Cats Nayan Oci van Diem. For more info see Breeding cats.

Our aims and goals.
We endeavor to guarantee the health and the beauty of our cats and kittens. Our cats are routinely tested for PRA, FelV, FIV, HCM and PKD . They are of course under supervision from a qualified veterinarian. We carefully select the partners for our girls.

You can find us in the Netherlands, Winterswijk on Dr. Enklaarstraat 2, 7101 PW

Telephone 06-21825286 or email us info@ocicats.nl


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