Our breeding cats

  • Siena
  • Romee
  • Nayan

Siena Oci van Diem (born 26-05-2023)

Siena is a beautiful tawny spotted female. Her mother Meulicats Black Ivory of Oci van Diem and her father the stunning Calumet Cats Fenix of Oci van Diem.
Siena has her mums eyes, just as marvellous. Her dark spots are well placed and good contrast.  She is very naughty, affectionate and gentle.
In July 2024 we will hopefully welcome her first kittens. Her partner will be Calumet Cats Nayan Oci van Diem.



Calumet Cats Romee of Oci van Diem (born 27-05-2023)

Romee is a tawny spotted female. Her mother Oci van Diem Indian Summer and her father Moosegrove Xavier.
Romee has stunning big amber eyes, her spots are black with good contrast.

We are grateful for both the cattery Calumet Cats and Moosegrove, for breeding such a lovely cat Romee. Romee will be one of our future moms, looking forward to cuddle her kittens in 2024.



Calumet Cats Nayan of Oci van Diem (born 17-05-2023)

Nayan is a very promising chocolate spotted male with stunning amber eyes. His parents are DotDotDotSwaps and Calumet Cats Silver Pizazz. Nayan takes over the duties of our former stud Fenix. We hope to welcome his first litter mid 2024.
Fenix  is now enjoying his retirement together with his new friend.

Nayan is part of the exchange program with Fran Volkman, Cattery Calumet Cats, USA. Our special thanks to both Fran and Nancy and Roger Brown of the DotDotDot cattery for making this possible.



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