Our breeding cats

  • Dawn
  • Ivy
  • Kisou
  • Fenix

Meulicats Dawn Oci van Diem (born on October 10th, 2017)

Dawn proved to be a stunning breeding female. Her good-naturred and very people focused character she gives to her kids.  She is, very important, a marvellous mom. Her kittens are sweet, cuddly but above all naughty and curious. So far all her kittens together with Fenix were chocolate spotted.

In Dawn we see a lot of her grandmother Calumet Cats Joy of Oci van Diem. A long and strong body. Her beautiful head and shiny chocolated spotted coat reminds us of Calumet Cats Beau, her grandfather

Her parents/grandparents all are rested/scanned for HCM, PKD and PRA. The testing of Dawn is therefore not necessary.




Meulicats Black Ivory of Oci van Diem (born November 3rd, 2019)

Ivy is a beautiful  tawny female from our friends of the cattery Meulicats. With her stunning head, amazing yellow eyes and black spots she cannot be missed. Ivy is gentle and friendly.

Her parents/grandparents all are tested/scanned for HCM, PKD and PRA. The testing of Ivy is therefore not necessary.



Kisou Oci van Diem (born November 7th, 2019)

Kisou is the daughter of Meulicats Dawn and Calumet Cats Fenix of Oci van Diem.  She is a lively kitten female who knows what she wants. But oh so sweet to her humans.
Her fur is beautiful, shiny chocolate spotted. We are looking forward to her first kittens in spring.

Her parents/grandparents all are tested/scanned for HCM, PKD and PRA. The testing of Kisou is therefore not necessary.


Calumet Cats Fenix of Oci van Diem (born March 21st, 2018)

Mid July 2018 a beautiful chocolate spotted male was added to our cattery. This beautiful fellow was safely delivered from the US by Christian, the pet transporter.
Fenix is a part of a kitten swap with Fran Volkman. Some time ago one of our male kittens Magic Bo-Jo Oci van Diem moved to the Calumet Cats cattery. There he has proven himself and produced beautiful offspring.

Working with Fran has been a joy and pleasure. It brought about several stunning cats which in turn provided not just good breeding material but also absolutely marvelous friends to our own family and to new families.

Fenix is now an adult. Strong body and a magnificent chocolate colour. He has a very soft temper. Fenix always likes his cuddles. At the age of 8 months he surprised us by mating with Dawn our chocolate ocicat female. This first litter gave us 6 beautiful chocolate kittens. We will certainly repeat this combination.

Fenix was tested for PKD and scanned for HCM, both negative.


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