Ocicats, Special Cats?

The Ocicat has all the trademarks of a wild cat. It's character, however, is the complete opposite. Just like a dog, an Ocicat becomes attached to its owner and often follows like a shadow. They are active, lively cats, sometimes cheeky but with a definately cuddly side to them. Ocicats are facinating cats!

Often the first impression is that its a bit lazy, but once it decides to do something it can be very, very quick. Of course occasionally they do something that even they know is wrong!
The most prevalent character triat, is their perseverance and their poise. This almost relaxed character makes the Ocicat very suitable for life with a family. They will never hurt anyone on purpose, they are more likely to turn around and just walk away.

Ocicats are smart and are easily trained. Many will bring back the toys you throw, will walk on a lead and listen to their names.

Adaptability and social behaviour.
The Ocicats adaptability makes them excellent pets in the family home. Very focused on people in general and have an affinity to children.  Their need for company, however, makes them unsuitable for homes where they will be on their own for long periods of time. The Ocicat is an excellent cat for a home with other cats or dogs.

Hammock-catThe expression of the cat is also very special. They have the ability to stare for a long time motionly at other cats but also people. In other cats this may be seen as threatening. This staring is, however, a natural way of expressing their dominance and this seems to be working!. Ocicats feel themselves to be superior and thats what you see.

The intelligence of the Ocicat is also intreging. Sometimes Ocicats are able to open doors and some are also able to play catch with their owner.

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